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Creating a Better and Brighter Future for Our Community.

Our Story

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit neighborhood improvement organization composed of the residents in the Ivanhoe neighborhood and the growing number of partners committed to the accomplishment of Ivanhoe’s vision of becoming a thriving community.

Our Focuses

Youth & Family

Crime & Safety

Housing & Economic Development




What Makes Our Neighborhood So Special

The residents are who make the Ivanhoe neighborhood so unique. Our community has a decades-long history of banding together to tackle issues that impact the entire neighborhood. From neighborhood cleanups to renovating homes to partnering with law enforcement and more, Ivanhoe residents consistently show up for one another and work alongside each other to improve the community. Here at Ivanhoe, we believe in resident-led, leadership-supported grassroots change efforts, not a “top-down” leadership approach. We encourage residents to become block captains, so they can lead the charge and make sure their neighbors’ opinions are heard.


Thanks to our community members, the Ivanhoe neighborhood is known as one of Kansas City’s most dynamic examples of sustained progress as a neighborhood association and community development corporation.

Neighborhood Demographics

Ivanhoe extends from 31st to 47th Street and from Prospect Avenue to Paseo Boulevard. The neighborhood is home to approximately 5,048 residents. Ivanhoe is predominantly Black, with 77.3% of residents identifying as such.


To best support all our residents, INC is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. We believe our work is critical to supporting and uplifting all who call our community home, particularly those who are faced with societal and systemic challenges. We support diversity across all differences including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, economic status and ability.

To support our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we seek diverse perspectives and experiences. We account for all our residents’ needs in our initiatives and programming, and we believe our overall mission is enhanced when the practice of active inclusion is reflected in all aspects of our operations. 

Get Involved

There are multiple ways for Ivanhoe residents and non-residents alike to join our mission. As a member of INC, you can make a difference for all our neighborhood’s residents by partnering with the Board and other members, and you can make your voice heard by voting on any matter that appears before the Council. We welcome one-time and ongoing volunteers, and we invite residents to become block captains. We encourage organizations and organizational leaders to become partners of INC. We also invite those interested in joining our team to apply for open positions at INC.

Become a MemberBecome a VolunteerBecome a Partner, Join the Team

Donate to INC

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council’s legacy of change-making wouldn’t be possible without our supporters and donors.

By donating to INC, you become an essential partner in the shaping of our community. Your donation directly supports initiatives that benefit the entire neighborhood, including beautification projects, programming for residents of all ages, and crime reduction efforts.


A neighborhood association is an area of a city formulated to allow residents the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with their local community. The association can work with the city and/or other stakeholders to address issues related to zoning and developments in the area, transit/comfort for residents, parks, beautification initiatives (like cleanups, etc.), and more. Typically, neighborhood associations offer events and other programming for residents to enjoy, along with facilitating methods of connection and communication between residents.

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents in the Ivanhoe neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. We offer various services, from youth and family programs to housing development and beautification initiatives. While Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council provides typical neighborhood association programming and resources to residents, they are distinctively different from a typical neighborhood association in a few different ways:


1.   Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council is a 501 © (3) non-profit entity with a board of directors, voting membership, and paid staff.

2.   Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council is a CDC – a community development corporation. Since 2016, Ivanhoe has worked to plan, design, and execute housing development projects that aid in the revitalization of the Ivanhoe community.

3.   Nutter Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center is a registered CAN (community action network) center.

Our vision is to create a vibrant, thriving Ivanhoe where every resident has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. We aim to address our community’s challenges and transform Ivanhoe into a place where everyone feels safe, supported, and empowered.

No, you don’t have to be a resident of Ivanhoe in order to be a member of Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council. Civic groups, local organizations, churches, and individuals can become a voting member. In order to become a member of Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, you must pay monthly dues of at least $2. Residents of Ivanhoe Neighborhood are welcome to attend monthly meetings and events without paying a membership fee. But again, in order to have voting privileges, you must be a “dues paying” member.

In addition to providing activities for connection and involvement within your community, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council serves as a conduit between the city of Kansas City and local residents. It also serves as an advocate of resident needs/concerns. Instead of individually addressing key concerns with your local representatives, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council can speak to city representatives in a unified manner on your behalf.

  •       Constructively discuss concerns (and possible solutions) to issues impacting local residents in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood.
  •       Attend monthly resident meetings (4th Saturday of each month at 2:00 p.m.)
  •       Pay dues to become a voting member ($2+)
  •       Volunteer (when able) for council committees, community events, as a block captain, etc.

We’re funded through grants, donations, membership dues, and partnerships with other organizations. Every dollar we receive goes directly toward supporting our programs and initiatives. If you’re interested in supporting Ivanhoe in furtherance of its mission, consider providing a monetary gift, which you can do here.

We believe in a holistic approach to community development, focusing on multiple aspects of community life. From youth and family support to housing development, beautification, health, and safety, we aim to uplift the entire community, not just one part.


Our goal is to create programming, initiatives, and access to resources that address the immediate needs of residents and facilitate improvements that drive longterm success. We have a community garden, farmers market, free produce days, and educational opportunities to promote urban farming and address food insecurity. These programs provide residents access to fresh, healthy food and educate them about nutrition and sustainable farming. We offer a range of programs tailored for our senior residents. These are focused on an enhance to their quality of life, an opportunity to build social connection and combat loneliness, and provide necessary assistance. Our Housing Development initiatives aim to improve and develop housing facilities in the area. We work on rehabbing vacant houses and building new housing units to reduce the vacancy rate and provide quality housing for our residents. As is expressed citywide, there are growing concerns about crime and safety for neighborhood residents. More and more, we’re seeing increases in gun violence deaths and violent crimes. Residents of Ivanhoe have identified safety is a top priority, so we partner with the City of Kansas City, the Kansas City Police Department, COMBAT, our neighborhood block captains, our crime/safety committee, and other partners to provide anti-violence programming. Through this work, we identify measures to reduce crime rates and ensure the safety of our residents.

Our Youth & Family programs are designed to empower and support the youth and families in our community. These programs provide resources, advocacy, and connection to assistance, helping to nurture the next generation of Ivanhoe. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, game nights, cooking classes, a Youth Advisory Board, STEM workshops, music classes, and Summer Reading Club are just a few of our recent offerings to support youth development and family entertainment needs.

There are many ways to get involved! You can attend monthly meetings, volunteer for one of our many programs, become a block captain, connect us with potential partners, donate to support our initiatives, or even join our staff if positions are available. Every hand helps, and we welcome anyone who wants to make a difference in our community. Visit our partner page, donation page, volunteer page, or career page to learn more.

Resident Demographic Survey

Neighborhood Demographics
Gender: How do you identify?
Race/Ethnicity: How do you identify?
Age: Which generation best describes you currently?
What is the primary language spoken at home?
Military Status
Disability Status
What is the highest level of school that you have completed?
Religious Affiliation
Political Affiliation
What is your total household income?
What is your insurance status?
What is your marital status?
What language(s) do you mainly speak at home?