Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council

Our Leadership team is a diverse group of individuals with unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. But they all share one thing in common – a deep, unwavering commitment to the Ivanhoe community.


They’ve spearheaded initiatives, forged partnerships, and mobilized resources to improve the quality of life for every resident in Ivanhoe. With their support and vision, the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council has grown from a small group of concerned residents into a powerful force for change.


In Ivanhoe, we believe that leadership is not just about making decisions; it’s about making a difference. And that’s exactly what our Leadership team is doing – making a difference, one initiative, one project, one life at a time.

President, Treasurer

Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Arthur B. Johnson

Board of Directors

Tasheba Bell-Smith
Assistant Treasurer
Antonia Johnson
Vice President
RaShidah Farnsworth
Felecia Lockett
Acting Asst. Secretary
Jacqueline Hunter
Acting Secretary

Board Members

Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Leron Fields
Romanda Hamilton
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Fred Johnson
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Larry Sanders

Advisory Council

Lauren Allen, Esq.
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Dr. Marvia Jones
Dianne Cleaver
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Margaret May
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Geoff Jolley
Ivanhoe Logo with White background
Nailah M’Biti
Jomella Watson-Thompson
Alan Young


Rashidah Farnsworth, Alana Henry, Felecia Lockett, Larry Sanders

Communications & Marketing:
Patrice Harris, Jackie Hunter

Economic Development, Housing, Jobs:
Leron Fields

Patrice Harris

Crime & Safety:
Antonia Johnson, Fred Johnson, Larry Sanders

Youth, Family, Seniors:
Tasheba Bell-Smith, Rashidah Farnsworth, Romanda Hamilton, Larry Sanders